Staff Position Details

Copy Editor

The Public Relations department of Anime Boston is seeking a highly enthusiastic person to fill the position of COPY EDITOR. Ideal candidates should feel comfortable editing in both a traditional and electronic environment.

The Copy Editor will read all publications that come from Anime Boston: Con Chowder (the at-con newsletter) and the AB2011 Program Guide. Copy editors will also assist with any other publications that come from AB2011. Since there are multiple publications, candidates should be able to multitask under pressure and be responsive to criticism and sudden change.

Copy editors will be in charge of checking for grammatical errors, readability issues and fact checking. A broad knowledge of popular and obscure anime is required.

Candidates with high standards for publications are encouraged to apply. A degree in Journalism, English or Communications or extensive field experience is preferred. Candidates should be comfortable with editing on paper as well as in design program such as InDesign and Quark.

Knowledge of copy editor symbols, AP style and newsroom terms are required. An editing test will be presented at the time of the interview.

All staff members are also required to adhere to the Staff Guidelines.