Staff Position Details

Registration Financial Coordinator

The Registration Financial Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the financial aspects of the Registration Division, both pre- and at-con. Specific responsibilities include:


  • Working with Treasury to draft SOPs for cash handling, both at-con and during outreach events
  • Determining costs for new division initiatives and making the appropriate budget recommendations
  • In coordination with Customer Service, tracking the status of chargebacks, refunds, rollovers, group discounts (low-income based), reprints, and lost badge claims and creating a database of some kind for year-to-year tracking
  • Tracking the cost of the existing Comps policy and making recommendations for revamps if deemed necessary
  • Making sure all staff understand and agree to the new policies as part of the application process


  • Training all staff on new cash-handling policies during the Thursday pre-con meeting
  • Requesting cash pick-ups from Treasury when necessary
  • In coordination with Expo Logic, auditing cash boxes

As this position involves both cash handling and monitoring, training and budgeting, the ideal candidate will have a significant degree of experience in these areas as well as a demonstrated high level of integrity.

All staff members are also required to adhere to the Staff Guidelines.