Staff Position Details

Volunteers Assistant Manager

The Volunteers Assistant Manager provides support to the Volunteers Manager and assists with managing and directing Volunteers Staff. This position is involved with both pre-convention planning and at-convention management.


  • Works closely with the Volunteers Manager in pre-convention planning and decision making regarding the department
  • Attends all general staff meetings and department meetings regularly, in addition to as needed meetings throughout the off-season
  • Records minutes from all meetings
  • Assists with the maintenance and updating of all Volunteers Department documents and inventories Ensures the well-being of the Volunteers Staff and Volunteers during the convention
  • Supervises and supports Volunteers Staff in accordance with all Anime Boston and New England Anime Society guidelines
  • Other responsibilities and duties at the discretion of the Volunteers Manager or as needed
  • Acts as the department manager in the absence of the Volunteers Manager

All staff members are also required to adhere to the Staff Guidelines.