Staff Position Details

Assistant Director of Operations

The Assistant Director's main duty is to fulfill any requests from the Director of Operations.

This may include contacting local area businesses for pricing/product information, availability and questions on pending orders, contacting local area venues that offer meeting space (ie, the Boston Public Library and local colleges), and creating documents needed for use during the actual convention. Other duties include diligently checking forums (both public and staff), answering questions and making comments/suggestions in a timely manner; responding to e-mails and the occassional Instant Message from staff members (especially Operations department managers), attendees, potential guests and vendors.

Attending staff meetings is not a requirement but is highly recommended. When the Director cannot attend a staff meeting, the Assistant Director is required to present the current status of the Operations division to those in attendance. Operations division and department meetings occur two or three times a year. The Assistant Director is expected to chair these meetings in the event that the Director is unavailable.

During the convention, the Assistant Director is in control of Operations when the Director is unavailable. This includes operational hours during which the Director is off site, attending a meeting, or on break/off duty for sanity. During this time, the Assistant Director is one of the few keyholders for select meeting rooms and must make decisions as necessary within the jurisdiction of the Operations division. The Assistant Director is not required to remain in the Convention Operations room (ConOps), but MUST be reachable either by radio or cell phone at any given moment. Stopping by ConOps at least once an hour is recommended.

The Assistant Director of Operations also doubles as the Convention Operations Manager. There are currently six Convention Operations supporting staff members and as their direct supervisor, the Assistant Director is in charge of their hiring/firing, training, updating of crucial pre-con information, and their supervision at-con. Updating the Convention Operations Survival Guide (started in 2005) for staff-use at-con is another task, though this can be appointed to someone else if necessary. The Convention Operations Manager will maintain and hand down a growing list of Frequently Asked Questions (started for AB2008) assembled from previous years' Convention Operations Staff. The Convention Operations Manager is also expected to maintain knowledge of all information and activities required of the Convention Operations Staff.

All staff members are also required to adhere to the Staff Guidelines.