Staff Position Details

Member Relations Manager

The Member Relations Manager oversees the Anime Boston Information Desks and staff that supply information to the attendees, these are located in the Hynes and the Sheraton. Major responsibilities prior to the convention include: Supplying PR with monthly tips/info for media channels and making sure the Guest Guide and website information is up to date. The Member Relations Manager is responsible for information outreach to local businesses for the upcoming convention year. This includes restaurant hours and menus, train schedules, taxi information, and locations of Banks/ATM machines, hospitals and pharmacies in the area. The Manager maintains room signs and works with the Art Department to create floor maps and directories for each floor of the convention center and the hotel. The Member Relations Manager is also responsible for Accessibilities Services and Accessibilities Services Staff, updating and printing the Accessibilities handout and Accessibilities training. At the convention the manager and assistant manager will be responsible for coordinating Information and Accessibilities booth and sign set up, scheduling and deploying Info Desk and Accessibilities staffers, supporting Info Desk and Accessibility staff, and checking with other departments to find out about schedule changes relevant to attendee interest.

All staff members are also required to adhere to the Staff Guidelines.