Staff Position Details

Assistant Director of Registration

All assistant positions have the same duties as their director/manager/department head.


  • Work with the Executive Board (and other divisions) to plan the convention and attend any meetings as required.
  • Attend the inventory day to take stock of what supplies we have and what we need to buy more of.
  • Work with external vendor in managing the online registration system to facilitate pre-registration, exhibit space purchases, formal ball tickets, etc.
  • Update all web content to reflect information for the current convention year.
  • Request badge art from PR for attendee badges and coordinate with Ops for staff badges.
  • Order supplies including badge stock, badge holders, lanyards, hologram stickers.
  • Hire staff members for the division.
  • Work with Registration's Outreach department, Logistical department, Customer Service department, and Chief of Staff.
  • If the Division is understaffed, the Assistant may be required to take on responsibilities of the unstaffed positions.

All staff members are also required to adhere to the Staff Guidelines.