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Staff Position Details

Facilities Manager

Pre-Convention duties include coordinating with all Anime Boston staff concerning questions for our facilities, the Hynes Convention Center, the Sheraton Boston Hotel, and any overflow hotels for the convention. The Facilities Manager is in charge of requesting meeting space from the Sheraton, keeping track of the attendee room block status and submitting the VIP guest room lists. The Facilities Manager also submits electrical power request forms, banquet event forms, amenities requests for the Green Room, and room layouts supplied by other Anime Boston division/departments to the Hynes and the Sheraton Hotel. The Facilities Manager compiles and submits an Event Badge Hot Sheet to facility security staff. The Facilities Manager must be attentive to e-mail and Anime Boston forums and able to make phone calls and attend meetings during business hours as necessary. Proximity to Boston is preferred. At the convention, the Facilities Manager is responsible for communicating requests from staff to the facilities such as modifying room temperatures, requesting water refills and trash pick ups, and meeting space door locking and unlocking. The Facilities Manager needs to be on site from Wednesday morning through Monday morning.

All staff members are also required to adhere to the Staff Guidelines.