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Staff Position Details

Assistant Registration Logistical Coordinator

The Registration Logistical Coordinator is responsible for organizing the volunteers sent to Registration in tasks such as stuffing Registration bags with programs, schedules, Con Chowders, flyers, etc., passing out bags to attendees as they exit Registration, helping to manage the lines, helping to keep stations stocked with lanyards, badge holders, badge stock, stickers, etc. and any other duties as needed.

The Coordinator is also responsible for monitoring how long it takes attendees to go through the registration line at-con.

As with all Registration staff, the Registration Logistical Coordinator must assist with the operations of the Division, specifically:

  • Taking registration information and payment at-con
  • Taking registration information and payment at pre-registration events around the Boston area and at other conventions, as able. (Being able to make one or two events, for a few hours, is sufficient.)
  • Checking ID and issuing badges to preregistered attendees at the convention.

As all registration staff have access to confidential attendee records and responsibility for payments, an applicant's references and experience must recommend this trust. Experience in dealing with the public is also a plus.

All staff members are also required to adhere to the Staff Guidelines.