Staff Position Details

Charity Staff

Looking for someone who wants to help make a difference!

We are getting bigger every year and will currently have two tables during the con in different locations. Charity staff must be availible to work Thursday night prior to registration opening!

As charity staff we are looking for someone with great people skills to talk to attendees about our basket raffles, as well as items that will be auctioned off. Staffers will work at their assigned tables in pairs of two, Thursday night, Friday morning and Saturday morning. The second big thing for charity is our auction. This typically takes place on Saturday afternoon and is all hands on deck for charity. At the auction staffers will be given tasks such as walking around the room showing items, helping keep the items organized and other small tasks throughout the block.

Must be good at keeping good communication through email prior to con.

All staff members are also required to adhere to the Staff Guidelines.