Staff Position Details

Assistant Registration Chief of Staff

The Assistant Registration Chief of Staff is responsible for the needs of all registration staff pre- and at-con, under the direction of the Chief of Staff. This may include helping compile the staff schedule, tracking staff hours and lunch breaks, and adjusting staff duties (booth, express pass, Dealer's Room, line control, etc) based on needs and preferences. The Assistant Chief of Staff may be asked to track selected division supplies distribute staff food cards, as well as observe and report on staff performance.

Any HR-related issues observed by and/or reported to the Assistant Chief of Staff should be reported to the Chief of Staff, who will document the incident and escalate as necessary.

As with all Registration staff, the Registration Chief of Staff must assist with the operations of the Division, specifically:

As the Registration Chief of Staff has access to confidential attendee records, an applicant's references and experience must recommend this trust.

All staff members are also required to adhere to the Staff Guidelines.