Staff Position Details

Registration Logistical Coordinator

The Registration Logistical Coordinator is responsible for organizing and assigning duties to volunteers working in Registration. These tasks may include assembling registration packets, assembling lanyards, line control, distributing water and snacks to the registration staff, and keeping the registration room clean and organized.

Volunteer requests should be made prior to the convention through the appropriate thread on the Staff Forums.

The Logistical Coordinator also monitors how long it takes attendees to go through the registration line at-con, using either a pre-designed system or creating his/her own.

The Logistical Coordinator is responsible for training and delegating tasks to the Assistant Logistical Coordinator, under the direction of the Director/Assistant Director(s).

As with all Registration staff, the Registration Logistical Coordinator must assist with the operations of the Division, specifically:

  • Taking registration information and payment at-con
  • Checking ID and issuing badges to pre-registered attendees at the convention
  • Taking registration information and payment at pre-registration events around the Boston area and at other conventions, if possible

As all registration staff have access to confidential attendee records and responsibility for payments, an applicant's references and experience must recommend this trust.

All staff members are also required to adhere to the Staff Guidelines.