Staff Position Details

Registration Customer Service Manager

The Registration Customer Service Manager oversees the customer service email and ensures that the Registration FAQs and Policies are up to date on the website. Furthermore, the Customer Service Manager oversees the Customer Service staff and their schedule at the convention.

Like the Customer Service staff, the Customer Service Manager is also responsible for answering emailed questions from the public about Anime Boston registration, whether in general (rates, policies, etc.) or specific (e.g. determining a person's registration and payment status). Turnaround time on answering questions should be kept to a couple of days at most; thus, all CS staffers are required to do pre-con work.

The Anime Boston website has extensive FAQ's and other information; and the pre-registration system will allow attendees significant ability to check their own status. The availability of this existing information should greatly assist in this job.

As with all Registration staff, Registration Customer Service staff must assist with the operations of the Division, specifically:

  • Taking registration information and payment at-con Taking registration information and payment at pre-registration events around the Boston area and at other conventions, as able. (Being able to make one or two events, for a few hours, is sufficient.)
  • Checking ID and issuing badges to preregistered attendees at the convention.

As Registration Customer Service staff has access to confidential attendee records and responsibility for payments, an applicant's references and experience must recommend this trust. Experience in dealing with the public and customers, as well as patience in answering questions, are required.

All staff members are also required to adhere to the Staff Guidelines.