Staff Position Details

Special Projects Technical Staff

Special Projects Technical Staff have truly gone above and beyond with their service to the convention. They either bring a special skill set or a dedication unmatched by mere mortals. Most likely they will be assigned specific duties at the convention and most likely will not be scheduled as per a normal staffer. This is for the staffers whom would prefer to staff the events than watch them. This could mean odd time assignments, or simply to be available to lend a hand when necessary.

All Tech Staff members are required to fulfill at least 20 hours of work over the course of the convention. (The 20 hours does not include setup/takedown time.) Initial schedule requests can be submitted before the convention and final schedules will be handed out at the convention.

PLEASE NOTE This position is potentially going to change as we modify the structure of the Technical Operations Division for 2016. Once you are accepted into tech you can participate in the conversation as to how this is done and what theis and other positions will become

All staff members are also required to adhere to the Staff Guidelines.