Swap Meet

The 2019 Swap Meet will be taking place on Friday from 10 PM to midnight and Saturday from 9 PM to 11 PM in Hynes Panel A.

Is there something you bought that later only made you realize you would rather have something else? Is an extra copy of a book or a video floating around your home because you did not remember you already had it in your collection? Are you certain there is someone that could benefit from owning your VHS copy of Sohryuden: Legend of the Dragon Kings Volume 3 more than you? If you could answer "yes" to any of these questions - ESPECIALLY the one about Sohryuden - or even if you could not answer "yes", but are just really lonely, the Swap Meet may be the place for you.

Imagine a place where a barter economy rules and a tiny man sits atop the shoulders of a very large man. Now imagine the same place without the tiny man and the very large man, possibly also with fewer large feathers. The things you once thought were important to you can now be traded for other things that may very well fill that void inside you. Is your void in the shape of a Sailor Moon plushie?

There are a few rules to the Anime Boston Swap Meet, but they are not too hard to remember:

  1. NO BOOTLEGS. If you have ever ended up with something you didn't realize was bootleg, you have probably felt ripped off. Crummy "all region" HK DVD sets, soundtracks with lousy color photocopied liners, off-color wall scrolls, reproduction trading cards- the list goes on. If you have felt ripped off by this stuff, do your fellow convention members a favor and don't pass this stuff on to them. If you have any questions about the authenticity of something, find a staff member and ask for help.
  2. NO WEAPONS. No matter what the material, if it resembles a weapon, please do not bring it to trade. This includes wooden practice swords and things that might otherwise be called "cosplay accessories". This is not negotiable!
  3. NO FOOD OR DRINKS FOR TRADE. This might seem odd, but don't bring any food or drinks to trade to people unless you manufacture and package the food or drinks and wrap them individually in specifically marked trial-size packages for promotional use and not for resale. You don't want to find yourself on the wrong side of the convention center's catering contract.
  4. ADULT MATERIALS MUST BE COVERED AND ONLY SHOWN TO PEOPLE THAT CAN LEGALLY VIEW THEM. If your favorite naughty video has served its purpose and you would like to find it a new home, make completely sure someone that is interested in it is at least 18 years of age. That is the law and should probably be common sense by now.
  5. NO CASH TRANSACTIONS. Due to MA State Law and MCCA policies, cash and monetary transactions of any kind are not allowed in the Swap Meet.

You will probably have the most fun by trading things, but you can also show up just to look around at what other people have to trade. Come and see what's going on in the Swap Meet.