The Imperial Ball

Need to unwind after an event-filled day at Anime Boston? Then why not spend the evening swaying to your anime and video game favorites, dressed to the nines! Come join us for an evening of regal splendor at Anime Boston's Imperial Charity Ball that will take place on Friday, April 19th, from 5pm to 9pm.

Feel a little shy on the dance floor? A beginner’s ballroom dance class is also planned for those who would like to learn a few moves, meet potential dance partners, or just brush up on your technique.

Our Charity Ball, unlike its other dance counterparts, is a formal event. The dress code is Black Tie "invited". This means that attendees are encouraged to wear gowns and tuxedos, although semi-formal attire is acceptable. Cosplay is welcome, but must fit in with the formality of the occasion.

The Imperial Charity Ball will be a limited capacity and ticketed event. Anyone who wishes to attend will need to sign up for a ticket beforehand. Tickets will cost $4 and all proceeds will go to the Central New England chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The ticket charge is designed to continue Anime Boston's commitment to charity as well as reduce the number of people who reserved tickets "just in case" and then choose not to attend the ball, not necessarily to fund the ball itself. Half of the tickets are available online, and the remainder will be made available at the convention.

Note: All those with tickets need to wear proper attire to the Ball, those with tickets but without formal clothing will be denied admittance.

Getting an Imperial Ball Ticket before the Convention
Online tickets will be available this winter.

Getting an Imperial Ball Ticket at the Convention
An additional block of tickets will be available for sale at the convention, one hour before the formal dance lesson, outside of the Liberty Ballroom. Attendees will only be allowed to line up a maximum of 30 minutes before ticketing opens. Each person in line will only be able to request one ticket.

For a more thorough breakdown of what is or isn't appropriate, please check our Dress Code below and our Formal Attire Inspiration Guide. If you are ever in doubt about the appropriateness of your planned attire, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to advise you. Anime Boston staff reserve the right to deny entry to the ball to anyone inappropriately attired.

We have a lot more planned for you, so please check back for more updates as we draw closer to the event!

Dress Code
The Anime Boston Charity Ball is a formal occasion and whether you decide to come as Princess Serenity or in your best kimono, you must dress in a manner befitting the occasion. Although ball gowns and tuxedos are encouraged, a minimum of semi-formal attire is all that is strictly required. Informal clothing such as t-shirts, jeans, sandals, sneakers, flip-flops, boots, platforms, flannel, etc. will not be permitted. Anime Boston staff reserve the right to refuse admittance to attendees deemed inappropriately dressed, at their own discretion.

Below is a guideline for what is considered appropriate attire for the Ball. We do our best to be versed in a wide variety of formal attire but we are not versed in all types of traditional dress. If you plan on wearing cultural or period formal wear that we may not be familiar with, please send us an email beforehand or bring a reference picture with you to the event to avoid confusion at the door.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us! We would rather answer 20 questions than turn one person away.

Formal Western Attire (Female)
Those dressing in female formal wear (regardless of their own gender) should wear at least semi-formal level dresses and appropriate dress shoes such as heels or dress flats. Sneakers, boots, or sandals will not be allowed. Dress hems should be at least knee length and individuals should avoid non-formal fabrics such as denim, leather and vinyl. Those who do not wish to wear a dress may come dressed in a woman's pant suit.

Formal Western Attire (Male)
Those wearing male attire should be neatly dressed in at minimum a button down shirt, slacks, jacket or blazer. Suits and tuxedos are encouraged. Men are expected to wear formal shoes such as dress shoes or loafers. Sneakers, boots or platform shoes will not be allowed.

Formal Eastern Attire
Those wearing formal attire from Japan or other eastern countries should be clothed neatly and in full attire. For gentlemen this means the full Haori-Hakama, for women a formal Kimono such as the Furisode or Kurotomesode.

Not sure which is which? These examples may help you:

  • Formal Kimono: Aoi Sakuraba's kimono from Ai Yori Aoshi, Ukitake Juushiro's captain's uniform from Bleach
  • Informal: Ichigo's kimono from Bleach, Katara's "Kimono" from Avatar

Those dressed in formal Japanese clothing may wear zori sandals with tabi socks for footwear. Geta sandals are difficult to dance in and thus not recommended. All other forms of sandals are not suitable for this event.

Formal Cosplay Attire
Cosplayers are certainly welcome at the ball! However we ask you to please remember that it is a formal dance event first and foremost, and the dress code must still be adhered to.

Cosplay for men and women should resemble formal wear of the non-costume variety. For example: long gowns, formal military attire, etc. School uniforms, armor, chains, and excessive belts are all considered informal. Large props, wings, weapons, or anything that impairs your field of vision will not be allowed in the event as they are an impediment on the dance floor and may be broken or harm others. Anime Boston staff reserves the right to ask for the removal of costume portions or props that are problematic. Please see our Formal Attire Inspiration Guide for more information and inspiration on formalizing your cosplay!