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Tara Sands is our second North American Guest of Honor

Tara Sands

Tara Jayne Sands can be heard as over 50 characters in the original English Pokemon television series including Bulbasaur, Richie, Jasmine, Oddish, and Tori. Some other roles include Biscuit in Hunter x Hunter, Mokuba Kaiba in Yu-Gi-Oh!, Kari in Digimon Adventure Tri, Anna in Shaman King, Kombu Infinity in One Punch Man, Circe in Generator Rex, Young Jin in Anohana, Kippie in Glitter Force, Karla in Gundam Thunderbolt, Yota in Naruto, Filia Ul Copt in Slayers, Summer in Barbie: Life in The Dreamhouse, Death 13/Mannish Boy in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Yuzuriha in Saint Seiya and multiple roles in Sailor Moonincluding Queen Badiane. 

Tara also provides narration on over 150 audio books and can be heard in the video games Dead IslandFire EmblemSingularityFinal Fantasy, and Call of Juarez, among others.

For two years (over 100 episodes!), Tara was the on-camera host of Cartoon Network’s weekly Friday night lineup, appropriately titled Fridays. On Fridays Tara interviewed dozens of celebrities like Johnny Depp, George Lucas, Robin Williams, Charles Barkley and Daniel Radcliffe, and had more on-camera food fights than she cares to remember.

You can find her on Twitter at: @TaraSandsLA and on Facebook at: @tarasandstarasands.

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