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Cosplay Games and Masquerade Applications Now Open!

Applications are now open for the Masquerade and Cosplay Games like Cosplay Chess, Cosplay Death Match, the After-Dark Dating Game, and much more! 

We have a wide variety of Cosplay Games  you can participate in. Just apply through the Cosplay HQ for the event(s) you are interested.


Timelines and deadlines are as follows:

Masquerade & All Cosplay Games applications open January 1, 2019

Idol Showcase applications open Feb 1, 2019

Cosplot and Host pools applications close March 8, 2019

Cosplay Lip Sync Battle applications close March 15, 2019

Masquerade pre-judging for performance skits is on March 19, 2019

All other cosplay games applications close March 22, 2019

Masquerade applications close April 1, 2019

Note: Masquerade Craftsmanship and Idol Showcase applications will close when all waitlist spots have been filled.

Applications for Cosplay Games and Masquerade Now Open!

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