Our Publications and Art staffers have been hard at work to create wallpapers for Anime Boston. We offer wallpaper selections based on the yearly themes, as well as general Anime Boston themes and other fun stuff. Now you can show your enthusiasm and support for Anime Boston at work, school, or home - even after the convention doors have closed for the year.

Anime Boston 2017 "Retro" Themed Wallpapers

2017 Theme Mascots
2017 Theme Pixelated Mascots

Anime Boston 2013 "Tales of Yōkai" Themed Wallpapers

2013 Theme Chibi Yōkai

Anime Boston 2012 "Post-Apocalyptic" Themed Wallpapers

2012 Theme Mascots

2012 Theme Chibi Mascots

Anime Boston 10th Anniversary Wallpapers

Anime Boston 2010 "Mad Science" Themed Wallpapers

2010 Theme A-chan

2010 Theme A-chan

2010 Theme B-kun

2010 Theme A-chan & B-kun

Anime Boston General Wallpapers