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Wirepop: Dan Hess

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Dan Hess

Dan Hess:

Instead of going outside to shoot hoops or go skateboarding, Dan (seen here with Tabitabi) spent much of his childhood indoors, drawing comics. And playing with Lego bricks. If it weren't for the Internet, he'd probably still be there. Some free Syracuse University webspace gave him a place and the courage to showcase his work, until he graduated and started up his own website. His other works include "Rebus," a tale of interstellar mercenaries stumbling their way through missions, and the mildly successful "Angel Moxie," which seemingly mocks and admires the magical girl genre all at once.

"Realms of Ishikaze" at
"Angel Moxie" at
"Rebus" at
PERSONAL WEB SITE: Venis Productions