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Yoko Ishida

Yoko Ishida

Blessed with an endearing, expressive singer's voice and a dynamic range, Yoko was selected as the featured vocalist on Geneon Japan's Para Para Max CD series. From there, she emerged as one of the anime industrys' most prolific and outstanding female singers, performing the memorable theme songs to series such as Pretear, A Little Snow Fairy Sugar, Ai Yori Aoshi, Petite Princess Yucie, Gunparade March, Ai Yori Aoshi~Enishi~ and Texhnolyze. Yoko's first solo album, "sweets," was unveiled in 2003, and had the unique distinction of being released both in Japan and the U.S. that same year to anime fans.

In 2004, Yoko's popularity skyrocketed even higher, as she performed the theme song to the new GAINAX series, This Ugly and Beautiful World and launched the "Hyper Yocomix" album, featuring popular anime songs set to a Eurobeat mix. Yoko was "discovered" once again, this time by a U.S. video game producer, who had attended her summer concert and presented her the opportunity to perform the ending theme song, "Foolish Dreams" on Vivendi Universal Games' Red Ninja: End of Honor. When she's not practicing in a studio, Yoko can be found as an assistant host for a popular radio broadcast program (Okui Masami Kiss 3) with friend and colleague Masami Okui.

With her recent theme song performance for the new Ah! My Goddess TV series and her next anticipated album, "Yoko Ishida - All of Me") set for release in Japan on March 2005 (and May 2005 in the U.S.), Yoko continues to be a stand out performer/entertainer whose success can be directly linked to both her musical talents and her loyal fans.