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John Barrett

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John Barrett

John Barrett discovered anime right after the Robotech era, with a mangled copy of Bubblegum Crisis. That Nth-gen copy tape inspired him to hone his art skills toward a similar style for the next ten years, going to east coast anime cons in the cosplay guises of Dark Terry Bogard, Lancer, Vampire Hunter D, Kintaro Oe and a fan artist. John discovered anime clubs and later anime cons through the watchful eye of Steve Pearl, internet anime guru and founder of Rutgers Anime, where he'd later go to school and discover the internet for himself. Ignoring the Surgeon General's warning, he tried online roleplaying, which was destined to fry his brain and his college career. When he pried his clammy face off the keyboard, he'd discovered his muse, a pink bouncy catgirl named Roxikat, that made his art popular and infamous in furry fandom.

At ANIMEast '95 he won a Tezuka award for Best Anime/Manga artist, and met Gold Digger creator (and his idol) Fred Perry for the first time. He spent the next four years contributing to the Gold Digger Annual until he'd gotten the courage to pitch a spinoff idea with the Edge Guard heroes. With Fred's permission to have free-reign, and the approval of Elin Winkler and Pat Duke of Radio Comix, John got to write and draw a seven issue miniseries called Gold Digger: Edge Guard, which came out in a collected (and corrected) trade paperback in January this year.

After finishing Edge Guard, John tackled a three issue miniseries from early Ninja High School writer James Hanrahan called Unusual U. Getting in touch with his traditional manga roots, John drew James's story about a young high school student named Danny Stringer and his first days at a strange new school, meeting strange new people, in a strange new town, overlooking an ominously looming giant robot named Gordy.

Now, John's busy writing a new comic story that will not only feature Roxikat, but several of his original kitsune characters from Gold Digger: Edge Guard. The story will take place in Prohibition-era 1928, serving as a prequel for these ancient shape-changing tricksters in the age of gangsters, molls, bootlegging, and the first-ever jazz music.

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