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Robert DeJesus

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Robert DeJesus

Robert DeJesus is an Indiana born, self-taught artist. In 1990, he got his first art career break when he sent an eight page short story to Antarctic Press' anthology, Mangazine. From that, he was asked to work on other assorted AP comics, such as Ninja High School, Mangazine, Not Ninja High School, Again and SB Ninja High School.

After working for Antarctic Press for about four years, Robert went on to do freelance work. He teamed with other artists such as Adam Warren on Bubblegum Crisis and Dirty Pair, Phil Foglio's Xxxenophile card game, and co-produced a portfolio 'zine with Steve Bennett. His art has also attracted invitation by Japanese artists Kenichi Sonoda (Gunsmith Cats, Riding Bean) and KoKoMai (character designer for Japan's PlayStation, Crime Crackers) to do work for their own personal dojinishi circles.

Robert's biggest claim to fame has to be designing Banzai Chibi Chan, the mascot for PlayStation Magazine: 100% Independent. He recently worked on two childrens books based on Spiderman, released on the weekend of the movie debut.

Robert and his wife, Emily, have started their own company, Studio Capsule. Capsule will be involve in creating a line of underground doujinshis, animations, portfolios and other sorts of memoriblia. Find out everthing that's new with either Studio Capsule or Robert DeJesus at