Guest Info

Kristen Nelson

Voice Actor

Kristen Nelson hails from New York State - Long Island to be exact. Her first singing and acting experiences were in her middle school choir and summer drama program. By the time she was in high school, she was hooked on performing; you couldn't miss her at school: she did everything - morning announcements, a lunchtime radio show, all the plays and solos in every choir concert. Later, she attended Ithaca College. After an audition she was just one of two kids in her class permitted as a non-music major to study classical voice. She studied for three years with the Studio of Professor Jean Loftus. She did another audition and was allowed to study acting as a non-theater major in a special class under Ms. Judith Levitt. In her senior year, she was elected president of her campus recognized performing arts fraternity.

Upon graduating, she began interning at 102.3 WBAB where they cast her in several in-house commercials. She was also cast in a local radio commercial for Topline Advertising. One fateful day at an anime convention's dubbing workshop, she attracted some attention and was offered the chance to audition for Boogiepop Phantom. She was cast as Megumi in episode three and as Suname in episode four. Later, she was offered another audition for His and Her Circumstances (Kare-Kano). She played numerous small roles including Mrs. Arima, Arima's cruel aunt, and many many school girls.

These days Kristen stays sharp by studying acting in NYC with Diane Shallet at Michael Howard Studios. She likes to study aspiring voice actors to study the craft and stay ready because you just never know.