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Cosplay Singer
Reni Mimura

Reni specializes in Akihabara Style performances, a genre that emphasizes the cute look of Japanese pop culture with the hip appeal of Japanese Animation. Through her singing and dancing she creates an adorable, peaceful yet exciting mood.

Reni was born and raised in Japan and began training in the art of dance and theater at a young age. Her big break came after she entered and won a talent search competition from among 1000 singers. She then released her first Japanese CD in 2006, produced by Takahiro Yamautsuri, who composed music for one of the Pokemon movies.

In 2008 Reni relocated to New York City and hopes to bring this unique style to the United States. As interest in Japanese entertainment grows among American youth, Reni offers her audiences the most fun and authentic Japanese pop experience outside of Tokyo. In 2009, she began regular monthly Japanese 'Maid' Show events, and has been invited as a guest performer at the Japan Society, Otakon and the NY Anime Festival.

Reni is quickly winning over the hearts of many new local fans thanks to her pretty stage costumes, upbeat personality, and her outstanding singing talent.

Her new album "Sakura" was released on September 25th 2009. Her first photo book "Maid in NY" was published just this March 2010.

Her website can be found at