Guest Info

Carrie Keranen

Voice Actress
Carrie Keranen can be heard as Lady Satsuki in Kill la Kill currently airing on the Toonami block as well as Alya in Miraculous Ladybug on Nickelodeon Sundays at noon...and most recently as Hiroko Seto in Your lie in April.

Previously, she voiced Mami Tomoe in Madoka Magica, Yamraiha in Magi and the homeroom teacher Miss Yuki in Tora Dora. Recent appearances on Naruto, Sailor Moon & Pokemon. Last summer she reprised her role as Caska in Berserk for the Movie Trilogy. In 2012 she went to San Diego ComicCon to premiere TEKKEN: Blood Vengeance as Ling Xiaoyu. Previous credits: Mokuba for the later seasons of YuGiOh, Kisara in YuGiOh Millennium, Cutie Honey in the live action Cutie Honey, Kumiko in Gokusen, Hinaku in Phoenix (Hi no Tori) and as Sheena in Pokemon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life. Her voice also appears in recurring roles on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ah! My Goddess, Slayers, Let's go Tamgotchi, Pat and Stan, and Huntik.

Her recent video game roles include Rom and (recently) Vert in the Neptunia series, Lailah in Tales of Zestiria and she was part of the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars: Battlefront, Annie in Red Dead Revolver, Lux in League of Legends, Viva PiƱata and more.