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Haruko Momoi

Voice Actress, Singer and Composer
Haruko Momoi
Haruko Momoi is a Japanese voice actress, a singer and a composer. She is also a prolific writer.

Momoi established a self-produced label, AKIHABA LOVE RECORDS, and began producing artists. Her voice work includes: "Steins;Gate" (VG) as Feiris Nyannyan, "Seto no Hanayome" (OAV) as Seto San, "Prism Ark" (TV) as Filia, and "Tales of the Abyss" (TV) as Anise Tatlin…etc. She currently runs an irregularly scheduled live broadcast program called "Dokusen! Moco Moco 60 Minutes" on Niko Niko Douka.

Momoi co-hosts a radio talk show called "THE WORKS" (FM79.5) and also host "Ere Uta!" (NHK Radio One). She is a columnist for several magazines and publications where she is able to showcase her multiple talents.

As the original Queen of Akihabara and with the concept of "From Akihabara to the World!", Momoi has been actively traveling to North America, Mexico, Europe and Asia.

For the latest information, visit the Haruko Momoi Official Website and the Haruko Momoi Official Blog - Mo-Mo-Blo.