Guest Info

Takamasa Sakurai

Author and Cultural Adviser
Takamasa Sakurai
After graduating from Waseda University with a degree in Political Economics, Takamasa Sakurai worked for a major publisher as a writer and an editor for many nonfiction books. At the same time, Sakurai was also a radio program producer. At the beginning of the internet era, Sakurai, along with multiple universities, aggressively helped many students and professionals complete training to meet the increasing demands of website and mobile platform content producers and planners. Meanwhile, he plans and moderates several events for famous artists, movie directors, and business leaders.

Nowadays, as an author, a journalist, a corporate/government project consultant, and an event producer, Sakurai continues his field-based research on the role of Japanese pop culture, specifically animation and fashion on Japanese cultural diplomacy, as a life-long project. He is involved in pop culture diplomatic activities such as speaking in seminars and organizing fashion shows in 89 cities across 20 countries including Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Russia, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, China, Korea, Taiwan, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, USA, Mexico, and Brazil.

Sakurai has been a general adviser on Japanese pop culture, an executive consultant on Japanese anime cultural diplomacy, an executive cultural counselor in the fashion sector, creative director of Kawaii Ambassadors (Ambassadors of Cuteness) for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, leader of the Japan-China Youth Friendship Exchange Program, the judge for independent anime contests, and the jury for the World Cosplay Summit preliminary.