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Christopher Bevins

Voice Actor
Christopher Bevins

Christopher Bevins is a voice director and line producer at FUNimation Entertainment. His directing credits include Akira Kurosawa's Samurai 7, Burst Angel, and Dragonball GT; as well as Spiral, DragonBall Z movies 9 and 10 (Bojack Unbound and Broly: Second Coming), Case Closed, and the upcoming Speed Grapher.

Chris also has numerous voice acting credits: Bee the Puppy in DBZ, Shishi Wakamaru in Yu Yu Hakusho, Naturon Shenron (the 7-Star Dragon) in DBGT, Kanone Hilbert in Spiral and Farmer Gosaku in Samurai 7. He has also played minor roles in DragonBall, Blue Gender, Fruits Basket, Kiddy Grade, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kodocha, Burst Angel, Desert Punk, a few Lupin III movies and several episodes of Case Closed.

Outside of anime, Chris' interests include movies, crosswords and disc golf, and he's about to break the 20-year mark on his comic book collection.