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Craftsmanship Judges

Lucky Grim

Lucky Grim A professional makeup artist and costume designer with over 25 years of experience, Lucky Grim has worked on multiple films, television shows, and stage events. As a seamstress, she has won multiple Masters and Best in Show awards across the Eastern coast. Currently she is the Eastern Champion of Cosplay.

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Aimee Woodworks

Aimee Woodworks Aimee, the owner of Aimee Wood Works, is known at AB for her metal Lightning cosplay, but is also a full-time cosplay prop maker! She's personally made over 350 life-size wooden cosplay props in the past two years... keyblades, gunblades, katanas, staves, anything and everything! This zany cosplay hobby has slowly taken over her 'real job', her apartment, and her life! Since 2014 when she began her Etsy prop shop, she's been living the dream of making cosplay props professionally, and has been covering all of her possessions in sawdust ever since. Aimee was a contestant in the 2013 Anime Boston Masquerade, and it is her absolute honor to be returning this year as a judge for the same competition. She is excited to support, encourage, and uplift contestants so they can have the same experience she did four years ago. Her current lifestyle is made possible by the incredible support and friends she has found in the cosplay community, and she is so happy to go back to the convention that helped inspire her to start her shop!

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AkaneSaotome AkaneSaotome is a veteran cosplayer from the east coast. In her 14 years in the cosplay community she has accumulated over 100 costumes and won multiple craftsmanship and performance awards from various competitions. With those skills, she's judged many masquerades and craftsmanship contests, including Anime Boston, Otakon, AnimeNext, and even the World Cosplay Summit. She has also been featured on many websites, podcasts, videos, and magazines for her cosplays, as well as participating as the official Mercury for Viz media at Otakon and in the Arda Wigs Iron Wig Contest. When AkaneSaotome isn't cosplaying, she's designing new bags for the medical field and making dreams come true as a party princess. She loves crystal Pepsi and hates Jalapenos.

Lady Cels

Lady Cels Lady Cels was born in 1989 in Boston, Massachusetts. She earned her BFA in Technical Theatre/Costume Tech from the University of Connecticut in May 2014. She is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Puppetry while working on costumes on the side. She started cosplaying in 2005 (sewing since 2003). Since then, she's won several major awards including Best in Show at Anime Boston in 2006 and Best Craftsmanship at ConnectiCon in 2007. For more of Lady Cels's work, check out

Performance Judges


Sketch Sketch is a New England artist/craftsman, cosplayer, and one of the hosts of AnimeConsTV. He has attended Anime Boston since its inception in 2003, and started cosplaying when he took Best in Show in the 2004 masquerade as Vash the Stampede from Trigun.

Since then, Sketch has attended over 50 conventions, sold artwork in the Artist Alley, performed improv with Anime Unscripted, displayed his full size TARDIS replica, and participated in masquerades, cosplay chess matches, and dating games.

From his award-winning prop the Silver Monkey Statue from Legend of the Hidden Temple, to his costumes, including Lynx from Chrono Cross, Canti from FLCL, and Godric Gryffindor from Harry Potter, Sketch has shown us his chops as a cosplayer. His experience entertaining crowds in cosplay events is welcomed once again for this year's masquerade judging.

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Shiva Shiva has been a performer for most of her life, earning her BA in theater and dance performance in 2004 and performing in dance and theater shows around the U.S. and abroad. She discovered the cosplay hobby in college and attended her first convention, Anime Boston, in 2005. Since then she has attended over 40 conventions, created over 80 costumes, and won numerous awards for both craftsmanship and performance, including Best In Show at Anime Boston in 2009 and 2010. Her current favorite costumes include Summoner Belgemine and Shiva from Final Fantasy X, Princess Zelda from Hyrule Warriors, and 1980s Rainbow Brite. She also performs improv with Anime Unscripted, serves as one of the hosts for AnimeConsTV, and enjoys making AMVs. She loves seeing what her fellow cosplayers create and is thrilled to be judging masquerade performances again in 2017 at her hometown con! You can see more of Shiva's work by visiting or

Rhea (DMZ Cosplay)

Rhea Rhea of DMZ Cosplay is super excited to be returning for her 4th year as a performance judge for Anime Boston! Originally from the Boston area, Anime Boston is her hometown con, and she has attended in cosplay since 2005. She first started competing in the Anime Boston Masquerade with her cosplay group in 2007 and won Best in Show in 2013. Throughout the years she has also won a variety of performance, craftsmanship, and judge's awards for her many cosplays both at Anime Boston and other local New England cons, as well as acted in many cosplay games and events.

Outside of cosplay she spends her days treating sick animals and befriending as many cats as possible. More about her cosplay endeavors can be found on her page at She looks forward to seeing another amazing Anime Boston masquerade this year and wishes all contestants the best!

Katy Hunt

Katy Hunt Katy has been involved in theater from 1999 to the present, has been cosplaying since 2003, and working for conventions since 2006. In 2009, she won Best In Show at Anime Boston with her group Dead Moon Circus, as well as several individual awards over the years. She judged craftsmanship and performance at ConnectiCon from 2009-2014 and emceed Another Anime Convention's Masquerade and Main Events from 2006-2014. Katy has also judged performance for Anime Boston multiple years prior. She is thrilled to be returning again this year to see what all the talented cosplayers have in store.