Idol Showcase

It’s time to shine bright and live your idol dreams! The Idol Showcase is a Sunday event in which cosplayers will showcase their choreographed dances from idol group routines.

Solo acts and groups have 5 minutes in the spotlight to show off their dance moves and wow the crowd with their favorite songs from idol series like Love Live, Zombieland Saga, Uta No Prince-sama, Full Moon wo Sagashite, AKB48, and more. The showcase is for exhibition performances of Japanese Idol songs – no competition, just fun.

After you've read all of the rules below click here to apply for the Idol Showcase when applications are open!

Registering (Pre-con Expectations for Participants)

  1. All groups must pre-register for the Idol Showcase online. In order to do so, sign in or make an account on our Cosplay HQ and click on "Idol Showcase" to apply.

  2. There are nine spots for the show, with eight spots on the waitlist. If performers fail to check in before the show or can’t make it to the performance, then the next group on the waitlist will be moved up and will be eligible to perform. Applications will close when all slots are filled (first-come-first-served). Registration will open February 1, 2019 at 12 p.m. EST.

  3. The Idol Coordinator will email the primary contact of each group on a regular basis with important updates. Individuals must keep their contact information updated. If an individual's email is bouncing and/or phone number no longer works, we will be forced to remove the group from the Idol Showcase or the waitlist. Please update all contact information in the Cosplay HQ or contact the Idol Coordinator to alert us of any changes.

  4. All participants must be attending members of Anime Boston 2019 and will need to provide a badge at both check-in and at the Showcase itself. Group leaders who are submitting applications must be pre-registered for Anime Boston 2019.

  5. By registering, all Idol Showcase participants agree to let Anime Boston use their images for promotional purposes, both photographs and video.

  6. Cancellations will be accepted up to the start of the convention, and the remaining spaces will be filled by waitlisted groups.

  7. Minors (those under 18 years of age) may not participate in the Idol Showcase unless given written permission by a legal guardian.

Checking In (At-con Expectations for Participants)

  1. Groups must check in to confirm their registration at Masquerade HQ, in Hynes 101, at any time that the Masq HQ is open.

Idol Showcase Rules

  1. Anime Boston is a Japanese Animation convention, so all costumes must be based on Anime, Manga, Japanese-origin video games, Japanese live action productions based on Anime or Manga, or Japanese artists. If the series and/or character originated anywhere other than Japan, it does not qualify.

  2. Performers must dress up. We highly encourage cosplays of the idol characters you’re portraying, or good reason for non-idol cosplays. If your costumes are not canon, you will need to email the event coordinator to ensure that you qualify for the event.

  3. All audio will be pre-recorded. There are no live microphones for performers on stage. Each group will submit one audio file that is up to (but no more than) 5 minutes in length containing the music they wish to perform. Music must be of Japanese origin, but the lyrics can be in Japanese or English if an official translated version of the song can be found.

  4. The maximum number of members allowed in one group is 10 people.

  5. No use of any messy substances that might ruin the costume of another contestant will be allowed. Any individuals wearing body paint or makeup must make sure it will not come off in casual contact with others.

  6. Do not leave anything on the stage that cannot be picked up and removed in a few seconds – this includes, but it not limited to, glitter, confetti, fake blood, bubbles, and rose petals.

  7. No throwing things from the stage, for example: T-shirts or beach balls.

  8. Costumes must be self-contained. Connections to electrical sockets will not be available.

  9. No smoke, fog, vapor, fire, flash powder, lasers, explosives, or open flame of any kind will be allowed. Strobe lights are not permitted. There are no video screens on stage.

  10. Nothing is allowed that would be banned in a "PG-13" rated film. Actions, dress, or mannerisms that would not be allowed in public must be avoided (ie: explicit sexual gestures, nudity, and explicit swearing).

  11. Anime Boston staff does not allow jumping off the stage, nor does staff allow entering or exiting the stage from any area that has not been approved by the Idol Coordinator before the convention.

  12. All presentations must be confined to the stage area. The aisles and other audience areas are not to be used for any part of the presentation.

  13. Please show respect towards fellow cosplayers backstage. Any heckling or threatening of other participants will NOT be tolerated.

  14. Performances with the same song will not be allowed. This rule is in place in order to keep the show interesting and fresh for the audience. If two groups sign up with the same song, the second group to sign up will be contacted and asked for a different song.

  15. Anime Boston staff reserves the right to cancel a group's performance at any time for any reason.