Cosplay Games

What is Cosplot?

Each year, Anime Boston runs a unique storyline around its Cosplay Programming. It’s the narrative that gives context as to why certain games are happening and breaks up the action. The plot consists of a series of performances by Cosplay Games staff and participants performed throughout Cosplay Games, at the Masquerade, and through the Catch the Barrel game.

What is the plot for this year?

We’re not revealing the Cosplot for this year yet, as always - but you can bet that it’ll include a relatively minor kerfuffle that’ll start at Death Match, escalate throughout Friday and Saturday, until there’s no other way to settle the issue than through a brilliant game of Chess on Sunday.

How do I get involved?

There are a couple ways to get involved:

  1. Apply to Anime Boston Cosplay Games! Anyone who is selected for a Cosplay Game is eligible to be a part of cosplot.
  2. Apply to the Anime Boston Cosplot pool! There is a dedicated pool for applicants who are interested in getting into Cosplot. Applications can be submitted through Cosplay HQ using the same process outlined on the Cosplay Games page.
    a. Characters should originate from Japanese culture or media. For more information, see the FAQ.
    b. Applying with very popular characters and/or characters that match the convention theme will increase your chances of being accepted.

What are examples of cosplot in the past?


Each team: Ninja, Shinigami, Alchemists, and School Clubs hoarded a Secret Super-Weapon for use in a battle of Good vs. Evil. Akatsuki tried to unite the villains to get all the weapons. When Good and Evil arrived to fight Chess, Good refused to fight and insisted on a wholesome Kids vs Grown-ups match instead. Evil kept trying to disrupt everything, which upset some members of the Good team and they decided to Sit In The Corner And Sulk (SITCAS)™, led by Sasuke Uchiha. Evil took over, but SITCAS and the Pirates rushed to the rescue to defeat the Evil team.


Who killed Sailor Moon? Who attempted to kill Kamina? Those are the questions that B-kun was trying to answer! But it turned out the killer was Tohru Honda?! The trial began at Chess, with Godot leading the prosecution and Phoenix Wright defending Miss Honda. Once the Chess pieces were reduced to 12, they became a jury. The vote came down to 9:3 in favor of Tohru being Not Guilty, and the real killer was revealed to be: Xellos! The rest of the chess pieces went to work to defeat the monster while Cloud used a Phoenix Down to revive Sailor Moon and save the day!


Anime Boston Academy classes were interrupted by delinquents Gazille and Lupin III throughout the weekend. They demanded that Cosplay Games and the Masquerade be made more fun - by throwing out the rules! The School Disciplinary Committee investigated and found that Haruhi Suzumiya was the culprit; she had grown bored and wanted to cause some chaos! But Saber, leader of Order, challenged her to a Chess duel to settle things once and for all. Having reached a stalemate, Haruhi tried to use the weapon trapped in the Barrels, but only found a book! Although her Chaos allies were quick to turn on her, Order came to her defense and the day was saved by Peace and Friendship. But Haruhi still had to write a book report.


Citizens of Earth headed to the stars - for glory! Forces from Earth began their conquest on Mars, but the fabulous Victor Nikiforov turned the entire affair into a beautiful bloodbath. Then they headed to Mercury, but representatives from the planet - led by Gene Starwind - convinced them to play a game of wits instead. The contest ended in a draw, and so Earth headed to Venus. Once again they were thwarted by Team Space’s Krona, who forced them into a game of love. Frustrated by the turn of events, Earth went to Neptune to infiltrate their Lip Sync Battle, but the Phantom Thieves Makoto and Haru stole the show. Space decided to mount a counter-invasion of Earth and it came down to a fateful Chess Game played between All Might, defender of Earth, and Spirit Albarn, leader of Space. In the end, All Might and Spirit were able to broker an agreement: Earth got to keep Mars.