Cosplay Games

Anime Boston has a continuing storyline uniting its Cosplay Programming. This plot line consists of a series of performances by Anime Boston attendees and staff in costume and in-character, enacting skits, competitions and battles to create a story connecting the Anime Dating Game, the Masquerade, Catch the Barrel and Cosplay Human Chess.

Some of these events are skit performances or game shows, while others are team competitions between groups of cosplayers such as Ninjas, Pirates or Shinigami. Each separate event is complete in itself, but attendees or audience members who watch or participate in all the events get to watch their favorite characters progress and help their favorite teams to victory. The participants and events of the plotline are partly decided in advance, but the actual winners of competitions and rivalries are determined by the participants and the audience, live, as events progress.

The Cosplot is different from the other events in that it takes much more preparation and work, both before and during the convention. The staff and participants of the Cosplot must coordinate with all other Cosplay Programming groups in order to present a coherent storyline for the year.

Cosplot History
It is not necessary to know about past years' events to understand this year's, but for those who are curious, here are summaries of some past Cosplots:

2007 Cosplot:
For many years the infamous rivalry between Ninjas and Pirates has spread chaos through the anime world. In 2007 the evil Ninja organization known as Akatsuki organized a Ninja/Pirate Peace Treaty and called on representatives from both sides to sign a scroll pledging to bring peace to the halls of Anime Boston, to be ratified at the Masquerade on Saturday night.

However, when the Ninja and Pirate representatives met to ratify the treaty, Akatsuki revealed that the supposed treaty scroll was really a Ninja Recruitment Scroll. The Pirate representative retaliated by trying to take the Masquerade Director Risa Hawkeye hostage, when dozens of Ninjas rushed onto the stage eager to fight the Pirate. Disgusted by the unfair overpopulation of Ninjas relative to Pirates, Hawkeye called on Anime Boston to pass the Pirate Protection Act declaring Pirates an endangered species. She also proposed a new rival for the Ninjas to fight: Alchemists!

The next morning at Cosplay Chess, many Ninjas showed up eager to fight Alchemists, but Soy Fong appeared to present a demand that Shinigami be made the Ninjas' new rivals instead of Alchemists. It was decided that at the end of the Chess match the audience should cheer for which team they thought deserved to be the Ninjas' new rivals, Alchemists or Shinigami, while the losing team as punishment would have to accept an ignominious rival: the Ouran High School Host Club. The audience chose the Shinigami as the Ninjas' new rivals.

So as it stood at the end of the year, the rivalries are Ninjas vs. Shinigami, Alchemists vs. Hosts, Pirates were protected as an endangered species, and the evil Akatsuki were plotting their next strike...

2008 Cosplot:
In 2008, Catch the Barrel became an epic battle between Good vs. Evil. Each of the team barrels (Ninjas, Shinigami, Alchemists and School Clubs) contained that team's Secret Super-Weapon, and the Akatsuki Union of Evil tried to unite all villains of anime to get all the barrels. Meanwhile, the rivalries between Ninjas and Shinigami, and Alchemists and School Clubs, still raged strong. Pirates were still considered an endangered species and forbidden to fight.

When Chess began on Sunday, Evil arrived ready to fight, but the Good team refused. They said that they weren't interested in fighting evil, and instead wanted to have a Kids vs. Grownups chess match, with Shinji and Gendo Ikari (Evangelion) as the chess players. Evil was outraged, and as the match continued Evil kept trying to burst in and fight Good, but Good refused. Several Good team members were also frustrated by this, and quit the Good team, forming "Team Sit In The Corner And Sulk," (SITCAS) led by Sasuke (Naruto). In the end, most of the good guys killed each other off in the chess match, and Akatsuki rushed in and captured the survivors. It looked like Evil would triumph forever when the Pirates and Team SITCAS rushed in to the rescue. The Pirates and Team SITCAS defeated Evil and saved Anime Boston - as a reward, the Pirate Fighting Ban was lifted and Pirates are now free to fight at Anime Boston again.

2009 Cosplot:
A murderer is prowling the halls of AnimeBoston! After killing the beautiful warrior of justice known as Sailor Moon and attempting to kill Kamina of Gurren Lagann fame, convention mascot B-kun finds evidence which leads him to believe that the killer is none other than the soft-spoken Tohru Honda of Fruits Basket.

On Sunday morning, Cosplay Court Chess was called to order. Through the course of the game, evidence was presented by the representative for the prosecution, Deigo Godot. The defendant was represented by the honorable and skilled Phoenix Wright. Once the game narrowed the field to only twelve players left on the stage, the remaining players were called upon as a jury to determine Tohru Honda's innocence or guilt. After a brief deliberation on the case, the vote came down to a 9 to 3 split in favor of Tohru being Not Guilty. Wright then revealed the identity of the TRUE killer - Xellos, from Slayers! After the monster was defeated by the uproarious cheers of the Anime Boston audience, Cloud had the bright idea to pull a Phoenix Down from Phoenix Wright's hair in order to revive the lovely Sailor Moon and once again save the day!

2010 Cosplot:
Ash Ketchum, Mikuru Asahina, Alucard, and Kagome travel back from the future using the all-powerful, time-traveling CyberChu in order to stop Aizen (Bleach) from using Jenova to take over Anime Boston. Aizen brutally murders K-San, but K-San is revived by Doctor Black Jack and Aizen is splashed with water from the spring of drowned cat, rendering him adorable.

2011 Cosplot:
Shuichi, lead singer of the band "Bad Luck" (from the anime Gravitation) arrived at the late-night Dating Game in tears because his band had been sucked into a rift in time and space. He recruits Black Star (Soul Eater), Mikuru (Haruhi Suzimiya) and Kaito (Vocaloid) to join his new band, "Gravity Soul."

During the Cosplay Chess match, it is revealed that the rift in time and space is actually Jenova from Final Fantasy VII, who is trying to break free and destroy the entire world... again. As the match progresses, the rift begins to tear more and more, until finally Gravity Soul arrives! They play, and with the help of the exuberant Anime Boston audience, their soulful harmonics freeze Jenova in time on the main stage. But the solution is only temporary...

2012 Cosplot:
With Jenova still stuck on the main events stage after the events of last year, it is revealed that the popular "Catch the Barrel" game will bestow upon the winner a special weapon which can be used to either destroy or free the dastardly villain! The forces of good and evil begin vying for control of the Anime Boston attendees in an attempt to win the weapon. At Cosplay Chess, it is announced that the winner was... EVIL! Aizen, the leader of Team Evil, brokers a deal with the Anime Boston attendees. He'll use the weapon to destroy Jenova and save the world... but only if Mr. K, the Cosplay Games coordinator, turns over control of Anime Boston 2013 to him. K tearfully agrees, and Aizen brutally kills him on-stage before using the weapon to destroy Jenova for good.

2013 Cosplot:
With Aizen’s win in the Chess Game, and the death of Mr. K, Team Evil took control over Cosplay Games, and in part Anime Boston. At the start of the convention in 2013, Team Evil leadership of Anime Boston seemed to be haunted by a strange ghost that simply seemed to thwart them at all of the events. At Chess we learned that the ghost was actually the spirit of the Chess Board, being controlled by none other than the ghost of Mr. K. After realizing that Aizen couldn’t control Anime Boston, he handed control to Pokemon Master Trainer Ash Ketchum, the winning player of Chess; thus finally concluding this story of Aizen taking over Anime Boston.

2014 Cosplot:
Anime Boston Academy had its various classes interrupted by delinquents Gazille and Lupin III throughout the weekend. The truant students demanded changes to the Death Match, Dating Games, and Masquerade to make them more fun, by throwing out the rules. It took the investigations of the School Disciplinary Committee to find the true culprit behind the Chaos. Natsu Igneel, Chibi Moon, and Madoka Kaname found the rebels to be led by Haruhi Suzumiya on Saturday night. Haruhi revealed that she had grown bored and wanted to cause chaos around the academy, so things would be more exciting. In an attempt to rein in Haruhi's chaos, Saber challenged her to a Chess duel. Haruhi's interest was piqued, and a fierce battle between Chaos and Order took place Sunday morning. After reaching a stalemate, Haruhi tried to force open the Barrels with chaotic energy to change the rules of Chess so she could win. But the Barrel had been trapped, and within, she found only a book of manners. Without her hoped-for super weapon, Haruhi could not fulfill her promises to her remaining allies and they turned on her. Order came to her aid despite all she had done to them, as Order is Just and Forgiving. Haruhi realized that rules can be important sometimes, and that following the game rules makes it easier to have fun. Or at least she said so to prevent her former teammates from killing her. And so the day was saved by Peace and Friendship, while Haruhi had to write a book report about manners.