Cosplay Gatherings

You've spent a million hours on your cosplay, and you’re ready to show it off and meet other fans... but how? No worries - we've got you covered!

Anime Boston is happy to host Cosplay Photoshoots of all kinds, whether your costumes are based on Japanese media or not. We have two kinds of photoshoot gatherings - casual and scheduled. Please note that we do not organize professional paid photoshoots outside of our official photo booth - all of the following are free: by the fans, for the fans.

Casual gatherings are organized and promoted entirely by you. We do not monitor which places you “claim” and whether or not that place is already taken by another group; we simply create a list on the Cosplay Forums so you can easily find other gatherings and fans. We provide this directory as a courtesy so you are able to locate the shoots more easily.

Scheduled gatherings are a little more structured. We've seen how difficult it can be to organize HUGE gatherings of fans while trying not to block traffic (and/or cause fire hazards!), or run into scheduling conflicts with other big groups for popular locations. To solve this, we've set aside some spaces that you can reserve ahead of time to ensure you can all meet up and pose to your heart’s content. Reservations can be made for 30 minute, 60 minute, or 90 minute time slots. Please click here to view the schedule for gatherings in our official Photoshoot Gatherings Locations. To submit your own or edit an existing entry, please sign into the Cosplay HQ and click on "Photoshoots." Please note that you may need to refresh the page to see the latest gatherings that have been submitted.

Hynes Photoshoot Locations

  • Heian - 1st Floor West Side under 2nd set of Escalators
  • Kamakura - Outside Room 206
  • Ashikaga - Outside Room 313
  • Tokugawa - Outside Ballroom C

Hours of Operations

  • Friday: 9am-12am (Midnight)
  • Saturday: 9am-12am (Midnight)
  • Sunday: 9am-3am