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Cosplay is a big part of any anime convention, especially Anime Boston. Check out our cosplay events and gameshows and find out more information about cosplaying at Anime Boston.

  • Masquerade - Our annual Cosplay Masquerade contest featuring skits and performances from our members.
  • Cosplot - The Cosplot is the central story that connects each of the cosplay activities.
  • Cosplay Games - Various cosplay gameshows and events. Come by for a fun time!
  • Cosplay FAQ - New to cosplay at Anime Boston? We have answers for your questions.
  • Cosplay HQ - Our centralized system for applying to Cosplay Events.
  • Props Policy - Anime Boston's policies on weapons including props and cosplay. Compliance is mandatory for all members.
  • Cosplay Forums - Discuss everything cosplay with other Anime Boston fans.