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Opium and the Kung Fu Master
Presented by FUNimation

Film legend Ti Lung (A Better Tomorrow, The Legend of Drunken Master) battles the scourge of the orient in this epic final film from director Tang Chia. Schooled in the martial arts by the Peking Opera, Chia’s deft touch guides the gut-wrenching tale of a Kung Fu master wrecked by opium. Starring a legitimate champion of the Gibbon Fist style as the film’s villain – Chen Kuan Tai (The Flying Guillotine, Big Brother Cheng) – Chia’s masterpiece showcases the talents of at least six different martial arts directors. Exploding with action, comedy, drama, and more action – this Shaw Brothers classic is the cornerstone of any collection.

90 minutes

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Sun, 04/04/10 at 10:45 AM in Hynes - Video 103

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