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Kenichi The Mightiest Deciple: Season 2
Presented by FUNimation

When we last saw Kenichi, he was making the transition from wimp to warrior – okay, maybe no warrior, but he was definitely taking steps to man up. Well, the world is starting to notice, which is good and bad. On the plus side, he’s making friends and getting more respect. In the minus column, his rep is growing faster than his skills, which is tricky now that every thug in town wants to test his new techniques. That means between street brawls and trying to score with Miu, Kenichi still has to hang tough with the six Martial Arts masters. Lucky for him, the training is getting more intense – because before Kenichi can finally stand tall, he’ll have to beat his fiercest opponent yet!

100 minutes


Sun, 04/04/10 at 8:00 AM in Hynes - Video 311

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