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Elfen Leid
Presented by FUNimation

One girl washes up on shore – naked, scared, and alone. The other uses psychic weapons to make a blood-soaked break from captivity. One is named Nyu. The other is Lucy. The two couldn’t be more different – if only they didn’t have to share the same body! When star-crossed students Kohta and Yuka rescue Nyu on the beach, they’re blissfully unaware that she’s a diclonius, a mutant bred to replace humanity. To make matters worse: she’s escaped from captivity, leaving a trail of dead in her path and the world’s most lethal hunters on her tail. As the rooms in Kohta’s rented house fill with runaways and diclonius – danger mounts outside. But, what’s more dangerous? The monsters beating down the door or the demons within?

100 minutes

Themed Video

Fri, 04/02/10 at 10:45 PM in Hynes - Video 210 HD

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