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Cosplay Chess
Hosted by Anime Boston
Presented by Anime Boston

Chess is back and better than ever at Anime Boston 2012! Cosplay Chess is a cosplay gameshow event in which a giant chess-board is set up on stage and convention attendees in costume serve as the pieces, moving, fighting and dying live on stage at the direction of two chess masters. Events in Chess are usually a combination of improvisation with some pre-scripted events, with a different balance every year between the spontaneous and the pre-planned. The theme for this year's Cosplay Chess will be: Good vs Evil! That's right, an epic showdown between the forces of Good and Evil. Blood-thirsty vampires will face off against magical schoolgirls! Insane ego-maniacal tyrants vs. chivalrous knights! Black Mages vs. White Mages! Monsters vs. mecha pilots! Homonculi vs. alchemists! And Team Sit-In-The-Corner-And-Sulk (SITCAS) will be there for it all... sulking, of course. Cosplay Chess is also part of the Cosplot, aka. Continuing Cosplay Plotline! This is an overarching storyline which ties together events at the Dating Game, Catch the Barrel, the Masquerade, Chess and other parts of the con

120 minutes

Sun, 04/08/2012 at 11:00 AM in Hynes - Auditorium

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