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The Evangelion Omake Box
Hosted by Aaron Clark

Fandom works in very interesting ways. Given enough time, it tends to spawn various oddities without aid or encouragement. Some things you can never unsee, and some you'll probably watch over and over on YouTube and LOL and ROFL. Occasionally you might even ROFLMAO. Sometimes you get an Evangelion ReDeath. Sometimes you get Evangelion music recomposed on Gameboys. And sometimes you even get prank calls from Spike Spencer as Shinji Ikari to MySpace users that never thought twice about having their cellphone numbers listed publicly. This panel, for better, or for worse, is a collection of such nonsense and shenanigans. Hosted by EvaGeeks.Org and EvaMonkey.Com.

60 minutes
Featured Fan Panel

Sat, 04/23/2011 at 4:00 PM in Hynes - Panel 306

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