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Getting Started as an Artist Part 1
Hosted by Celine Chapus

A general overview of the new self representing artist's journey. This is going to be mostly for fledgling artists or people who have yet to take the plunge and show their work. I basically want to use my own experience of the past few years to help others figure out their own paths. I'll cover things from just plain starting out (pencil, paper, what?) to finally setting oneself up for public exposure. I'll talk about marketing tools (the importance of business cards, having a website and a general online presence, putting yourself out there any way you can), doing your first show (whether it's at a con or anywhere else). I'll talk about the various selling venues (some are really unexpected...) I've experienced, the audience my work has encountered. I'll also touch upon the absolute necessity of a support system (friends, partners and believing mirrors are great things!) and what to do if your immediate environment is less than favorable to you as a creative. On the even more practical side of things, I'll talk about the necessity, at least in my experience, to have a regular source of income to support the budding business (

60 minutes
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Sat, 04/23/2011 at 12:00 PM in Hynes - Panel 107

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