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Create your own anime parody dub: Tips from PineSalad Productions
Hosted by Pinesalad Productions

Have you ever wanted to make your own anime fan dub? Its a great way to impress your friends and channel your creative talent. Let Pinesalad Productions show you how! 25 years ago a group of anime-loving friends decided to do a humorous redub of an episode of Robotech. The group became known as Pinesalad Productions and gained instant recognition as the first anime fan dub group, showing their redubs to other fans at Anime Expo and Baycon in San Jose and Comic Con in San Diego. Now they are coming to Anime Boston! Attendees of this panel will learn nearly everything they need to know about how to create a popular fan dub based on their own favorite shows. Volunteers will be selected to participate in creating a humorous fan dub right on the spot! Don’t miss this exciting panel that has become a popular favorite at Anime Boston for three years running!

90 minutes
Fan Panel

Sat, 04/23/2011 at 9:00 PM in Hynes - Panel 202

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