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The Tokyo "Nonexistant Youth" Bill and How It Affects You
Hosted by HoyvinGlavin64

In December 2010, the government of Tokyo passed an ordinance prohibiting the sale of anime, manga, and video games (but NOT regular novels or live-action film and television) containing certain "mature content" to minors. What content exactly are they censoring? Is Evangelion not OK to sell to a 17-year-old now? Is One Piece, or My Neighbor Totoro for that matter? Written with dangerously vague language and supported by a notoriously anti-otaku governor, this bill has already caused a stir, and could potentially change the face of the artforms we know and love. At this panel, we'll learn about the main issues concerning this bill, the history of similar censorship issues, and just what people are doing about it. NOTE: Because we'll be discussing mature subject matter but in a clean academic manner, this panel is unofficially rated PG-13. Which may make it banned in Tokyo if it were a manga.

60 minutes
Fan Panel

Fri, 04/22/2011 at 12:00 PM in Hynes - Panel 309

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