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Japan's Amazing Manga Magazine
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Most manga in English are published only in graphic novel format (tankobon). Yet most of those same manga first appeared in Japan in a very different format—inside Japan’s dozens of incredible manga magazines. These magazines are the native ecosystem of manga, and they have arguably been the very platform responsible for making Japan a country where reading comics is a part of the mass media, to an extent it is in no other nation. Carl Horn, manga editor at Dark Horse Comics and previously Viz Media, will give a look at over 25 different and diverse manga magazines. Discover the surprising, rich (and endangered) world they represent—the editorial philosophy that makes manga different from American comics, how Japanese creators use magazines to reach different demographics, and what sort of advertisements and cross-promotions accompany the manga.

60 minutes
Industry Panel

Sat, 04/20/2019 at 9:00 PM in Hynes - Panel 206

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