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"What is Super-Flat": Where Anime fits in Post-Modern Culture
Hosted by Sam Kusek

Academics, art critics, and philosophers are finally beginning to take notice of anime and otaku culture. This new movement, started by artist Takashi Murakami, has been called "Super-flat". But what does super-flat mean? What does post-modernism mean? Does anime have any place in or significance to the post-modern condition? "What is Super-flat" is a panel that will discuss the collapse of high and low art in relation to Japanese culture by examining franchises like FLCL, Paranoia Agent, Street Fighter, and Hello Kitty. Hosted by Sam Kusek and Eric Shorey of Damage into MP.

60 minutes
Fan Panel

Sat, 04/23/2011 at 6:00 PM in Hynes - Panel 206

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