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New Japan Pro Wrestling
Hosted by John Carroll

It's been nearly two years since New Japan Pro Wrestling made its first excursion to America with the "G1 Special in USA" shows in Long Beach, California. Since those two shows NJPW has continued to run events in the US, ramping things up to the point where they will have made their debut at the iconic Madison Square Garden with the "G1 Supercard" event just a few weeks before Anime Boston 2019. This panel is designed both as an introduction to New Japan for total newcomers- we'll discuss the roster, schedule, titles, tournaments, how to watch, and more- as well as a recap of the US expansion so far and where it might be going in the future for veteran fans. Will starting the G1 Climax tournament in a major building in Dallas this year be a success? What about NJPW's longtime partnership with ROH, or a relationship with the new AEW promotion going forward? Plus we'll look at some clips from recent matches and answer your questions.

60 minutes
Fan Panel

Fri, 04/19/2019 at 4:30 PM in Hynes - Panel 207

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