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Japanese Pro Wrestling: Indies & The Live Experience
Hosted by John Carroll

In previous years we've introduced you to the Japanese wrestling scene, talked about its long and storied history, and covered the two most popular promotions in Japan. This year's panel on Japanese Pro Wrestling will dig deeper to highlight the incredible diversity of styles in the independent scene. We will cover everything from traditional mainstays like All Japan & NOAH to the hard-hitting rebels at Big Japan, the comedy meets action universe of DDT, and the women's-only promotions like STARDOM. Plus, hear what it's like to actually attend shows in Japan from someone who went last year! How hard is it to buy tickets? What are the venues in Tokyo like? How does the experience in a Japanese crowd differ from US indie and WWE crowds? We will cover all of that and more, plus take your questions!

90 minutes
Fan Panel

Sat, 04/01/2017 at 8:30 PM in Hynes - Panel 206

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