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Art Track

If you are new to Art Track, you may be wondering "What is Art Track?"

Art Track is the name of all the great programming that we do in Artist's Alley.

Each year we select artists to spotlight. Each Featured Artist will host art themed panels where you can benefit from their knowledge and experience on topics ranging from getting published to colorization and more.

For the past few years Artist's Alley has proudly carried out Artist's Alley Trading Cards, an activity for artists to trade samples of their art in a business card sized 3.5 in x 2 in format with each other. This activity is limited to artists.

There are more new and upcoming events in the works besides this that may allow different levels of participation for both artists and attendees.

Featured Artists

Demi Jackson

Demi Jackson has been interested in Japanese culture since middle school when she first discovered anime. From there, her curiosity flourished and she started following different Japanese fashion trends; Lolita fashion being the most prevalent. Expanding upon that interest, she discovered the joys of collecting Ball Jointed Dolls. Demi then began mixing the two hobbies as often as possible. Demi Designz, her custom creationz brand, continues that mixture. She now runs several informational panels and gatherings for both hobbies at conventions throughout the USA.

Studio Kitsu

Founded in 2006 by Sarah Moulder, Studio Kitsu is a multi-talented 2D and 3D artist with a portfolio that includes cosplay, props, custom arcade controllers artwork, and is best known for her adorable assortment of plushes and custom character hoodies. Much of Sarah’s work is inspired by anime, video games, and all pursuits of things cute and quirky. Make sure to check out the daily travels of one of her most popular plushes, the Traveling Octopus, at, and her webshop at!

Trevor Mueller

Trevor Mueller works at an advertising agency by day, and writes comics by night. His latest project is Albert the Alien, appearing on Mark Waid’s He has self-published several other works including Junkyard Chase, The Fan, and Los Ojos. Trevor has also contributed stories to several anthologies, including Reading with Pictures from the non-profit of the same name and Killer Queen from Red Stylo Media. He is also the writer/artist/creator of several award-winning webcomic series (, and regularly reviews movies, video games, and comics. Trevor has also guest-starred in several episodes of The Nostalgia Critic with Doug Walker.

Jason Casey and Dennis Burke

Jason and Dennis have been drawing since they were single digits old. Now with over 30 years combined experience in their respective fields of art and illustration, they have decided to join forces and bring something new to the typical comic book convention experience. Two different styles meshed together to make a massive wall display of pop culture, sci-fi, comic book lore, and you name it. A wall of “awesome” is really the only way to describe it. What’s even more amusing, is that both artists got their respective artistic fires burning after reading their first Marvel Spider-man comic books.

Jason’s doodles and sketches eventually lead him to become one of the leading photo realistic illustrators and portrait artist you will ever meet. Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Lost, Marvel, and DC Comics, to name a few, have all found homes in his portfolio that he shares with old and new customers alike. Commissions for that special someone as gift or a superhero mural on Junior’s wall, Jason has been doing it all for years as Jason Casey Art.

Dennis learned to draw before he learned to read. He’s been drawing caricatures professionally for seven years now and hasn’t met a face he couldn’t draw. However, what’s more important to him than drawing, is that he thrives on talking and laughing with his customers. “It’s not just about the funny face drawing. It’s about getting to know a little about that person that sits in my chair for a few minutes. That’s what helps shape the final product.” And thus Designs by Dennis was born.