Art Track

If you are new to Art Track, you may be wondering "What is Art Track?"

Art Track is the name of all the great programming that we do in Artist's Alley.

Each year we select artists to spotlight. Each Featured Artist will host art themed panels where you can benefit from their knowledge and experience on topics ranging from getting published to colorization and more.

For the past few years Artist's Alley has proudly carried out Artist's Alley Trading Cards, an activity for artists to trade samples of their art in a business card sized 3.5 in x 2 in format with each other. This activity is limited to artists.

There are more new and upcoming events in the works besides this that may allow different levels of participation for both artists and attendees.

Featured Artists

The Comiku Girls

The Comiku Girls, Akiko Meigetsu, Li Izumi, and Janel Norris are regulars on the convention circuit along the eastern seaboard and beyond. Each has had a pencil (or brush) in their hand since they could hold one, and have been telling stories since they could talk. At conventions, they are artists, cosplayers, and Japanese cultural panelists. In 2004, we debuted our popular Japanese Tea Ceremony Panel, and have continued to create unique panel options in the years since. Akiko is an artist, working in both digital and traditional media (watercolor and Asian Brushpainting). Li has studied Japanese language and culture for over a decade, including a semester in Akita, Japan.


Akiko has a Ph.D. in Biology from Duke University. She has studied Brush Painting with Chinese master, Cong Yuan, and watercolors with artist Luna Lee Ray. She has been painting in water media for more than fifteen years.

Li has a B.A. in East Asian Studies and a Master’s degree in Classical Japanese Language and Literature from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She spent four months in Akita, Japan living and going to school, where she studied, among other things, how to wear a kimono, calligraphy, and tea ceremony.

Janel has a B.A. in Fine Arts/Illustration. Janel has studied under Rebecca Guay, Scott Fischer, Dan Dos Santos, and Brian and Wendy Froud. She has spent the last 10 years perfecting her costuming and design skills and now specializes in bringing the clothes, creatures, and costumes of fantasy worlds to life. Her costumes have been exhibited in many fashion shows as well as the Springfield Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum.

Don Higgins

In 2017 Don was named Art Director and Art Lead for FASA Games 1879 line. Last year also saw the publishing of his first "art of" book with the release of "365 - A Character and Creature Concept Art Challenge".

Don's work has been featured by Publishers including Guild of San Marcos; Heroes of Altamira, 77 Worlds; Fireside Creations, Eldritch Enterprises, DwarvenForge, Loxley, and Dilly Green Bean Games.

Don also illustrates for childrens books, noir novels, and web comics. He has worked on two series of books, including the "Harding Hall Mysteries" and "Murphy the Cat" series. Plans are in the works to return to his webcomic “Dark Magic and Donuts” and also to introduce a second webcomic for FASA games in the 1879 setting.

Don loves to teach drawing and promotes the philosophies that anyone can draw if they draw what they see, not what they know; and, what we see depends mainly on what we're looking for.

Don's work can be seen at