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Anime Boston has a large and active community of artists. Check out the creative aspects of Anime Boston including the Artists' Alley, Art Track, and Art Show.

  • Artists' Alley - Information on our Artists' Alley and how to participate in it.
  • Artists' Alley Pro Row - Information on premium Artists' Alley spaces specifically for professionals.
  • Artists' Alley Listing - A list of all participants in the Artists' Alley from 2011 to now.
  • Artists' Alley FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions as well as instructions, rules, and policies regarding participation in the Artists' Alley.
  • Artists' Alley Beginner Guide - New to the Artists' Alley? Check out useful tips and advice from veteran artists.
  • Artists' Alley Application - Application form to participate in the Artists' Alley. Spaces are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Exhibitor Tax IDs - Information regarding MA State Sales Tax IDs required for all Artists' Alley participants.
  • Exhibitor Tax ID Submission - Submission form for Artists' Alley participants' MA State Sales Tax ID
  • Art Track - Events and programming featuring our guest artists.
  • Art Show - Display your works and put them up in a silent auction.
  • Art Show Application - Application form to enter works to the Art Show.
  • Artists' Forum - Talk shop with other artists on the Anime Boston forums.